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Buy 24 Carat Gold

buy 24 carat gold

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Retro Murano

Retro Murano

Out of all my ruby glass collection, these three pieces by Murano are my absolute favourites.

The bowls have the most gorgeous diamond pattern and in the Winter, I pop tea lights in them and the glow from within is just divine.

These were also my first pieces with aventurine which is the tiny flecks of 24 carat gold and the artist who made these was particularly lavish.

They were also one of my best bargains as I bought all three pieces for A$35 from Ebay. A couple of months later, I was browsing through a on-line antique store and they had just ONE of the small dishes listed at US$125.

In my 7 years of collecting Murano, I have only ever seen that one other small dish.

I take extra special care of these!!

Pure gold!

Pure gold!

Please read,
This doll artist was commissioned by Tiffany of New York to make 3 porcelain one of a kind dolls to display in their window, one silver, a gold, and a platinum, after that they where sold,
I bought the gold and this is porcelain doll covered with 24 carat gold,
The artist is a fantastic doll maker, ( Bill Wiley) 24' high
Please view large

buy 24 carat gold

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